The Investor’s Fear

“And that was how I lost it all,” 26 year old Alice narrated, “All of it, my savings, even money that I borrowed.” 


I listened to her pour her heart out, I was sad, not just for her, but for the millions of people that have gone through the same ordeal. Scams.


You see, the situation of Alice is not different from many others. Supposed successful investors approach them with deals, promising to double or sometimes even triple their income if they hand it over to them. They promise to put your money to work for you, to trade for you all at a very little cost. 


It all seems too good to be true! So, initially, being the reasonable and sensitive being that you are, you put in just a tiny fraction of what you own, something almost insignificant. To your utmost surprise, they make good on their promise! This enables you to trust them more and you up the risks involved, on every trial. 

Soon, your guard is down. Soon, you’re plunging deeper and deeper into these transactions indulging so much that you’re almost an addict. Suddenly, they withdraw, leaving you confused, frustrated and with the firm resolve to never take risks or worse, in debt and unable to freely transact. 


Is this your story? Is this your fear?  

Trust me, you’re not alone. 

Thousands of people are just as skeptical as you when it comes to investing in a new business or trusting new platforms with their money and with good reason, because who loves to lose? Absolutely nobody. 


Cryptocurrency is a relatively new trend and currency. We, investors, understand the doubts you have.  We’ve heard the myths you’ve heard and the dreadful stories you’ve been told. 

However, the purpose of this article isn’t just to allay your fears but to get one particular myth out of the way; “You have to give your money to someone to trade for you.” 


Crypto Smart encourages businesses and individuals to own their money, to take control, to watch it grow, yield profit, and blossom. We encourage our customers to be actively involved in trading their currency and thereby expand their horizons. With specialized trainers and analysts to guide your journey, on a platform where middlemen are not required, businesses and individuals could rest assured that their money is safe, not with us but with them. 


You get to take responsibility and be accountable for your company’s funds under our umbrella and to acquire a specialized crypto skill set with which to empower your staff and partners. With Crypto Smart, you can tell that we aren’t interested in handing you the fish but directing you to the vast waters, where you can pick your fish and be excited about the journey.

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