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Technology partnership: Crypto Smart welcomes Comsotech

The benefits attached to a technology partnership are unlimited and it is important for a technologically inclined company like Crypto Smart. 

Because of its importance, Crypto Smart has partnered with Comsotech, a tech company that offers SAAS service.

Benefits Of Technology Partnership

The impact of partnership can not be overemphasized in business either with individual partnership or business partnership. 

The following are the benefits of the tech partnership:

Standby technical support 

The partnership with Comsotech in this scenario will be a means of providing standby 24/7 technical support for Crypto Smart. 

As businesses grow, there is a need to keep their protocol in check all the time. Also, there is a need for swift responses to cater to any unforeseen future occurrences. 

Enhanced technology expertise

Do you remember this saying, “put a round peg in a round hole“?

This is what Crypto Smart has just displayed. 

It is possible to have anyone take care of anything but it is better when you have an expert doing it. 

The partnership with Comsotech will enhance the technical team of Crypto Smart. It will also help in making sound decisions in technology-related matters. 

Smooth implementation process

According to the roadmap, Crypto Smart will be launching most of its products this year. 

Partnership with tech companies will help in the smooth implementation process of technical products. 

Crypto Smart’s products are blockchain products that require an unbiased and smooth implementation process. 

Technology partnership with Comsotech will ensure that Crypto Smart has a smooth implementation process for her products. 

Boosted innovation

I would rather learn a skill a thousand times than learn a thousand skills. 

Since Comsotech is conversant with new developments and improvements in the tech field, the impact will be obvious in the boosted innovation in the release of Crypto Smart’s blockchain products. 

So, anticipate the best blockchain products with creativity, innovation, and global standards.

Platform integration support

Platform integration support is highly needed for systems that require different companies to work in sync with one another. 

One of the products of Crypto Smart that requires the integration of different businesses is the upscale launchpad

Not only that, decentralized commerce (Decom) is another Crypto Smart product that requires platform integration for smooth running. 

To ensure a successful and hitch-free platform integration, a tech partnership with a leading tech company like Comsotech is highly needed. 

With all this said, Crypto Smart welcomes Prince Michael Dalafi, aka Primidac to the Crypto Smart Primary team as their CTO.

Crypto Smart continues to demonstrate her interest in protecting the users of her products by adding Primidac to their primary team as the CTO. 

Who is Primidac? 

Prince Michael Dalafi, aka Primidac, is a developer who’s been programming since September 2015. He is passionate about tech and loves to be involved in anything concerning it. 

Primidac has trained himself in diverse fields in tech and is proficient in 2 core programming languages which are Python and javascript.

Primidac’s Impact

Due to his love for tech and humanity, Primidac has trained individuals in tech and he hopes to use his tech skill to innovate Africa and the world at large. 

He has an intentional mission and ensures that anything he is given to handle is brought to the smart side, boosting productivity and growth using the power of tech.

Primidac is the founder of Comsotech, a tech company that builds software solutions for businesses and organizations.

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