A viral trend is going on on TikTok and Instagram; a short extract from a movie where a character explains what he used his father’s money for. 

‘Business, papa, I did business,’ the character insists. Not only is this extract hilarious and a nice trend to hop on, but it also contains that hidden message. There is a drive among the youth to make money, to be productive, to ‘secure the bag’. 

The go-to-school, get a 9-5 narrative is gradually becoming obsolete as young bosses are arising all over the globe. Nowadays, most youths, including the students are business inclined, some determined to bag that degree along with their money. 


While it is a good thing to be driven, it’s even better to know where you’re driving to. Consequently, there have been cases of students investing their fees, including their tuition in things like Ponzi schemes; get rich schemes that dash away hopes and essentially one’s faith in the business world. 

Hence it makes it difficult to think of such a drive as students. It wouldn’t be seen as cutting your coat according to your size. 


However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you you could do it all and not lose?  

You could have the bag and the degree.


How? Work Smart! 

Get your money to work for you, while you do your homework! Be intentional about it without having to invest so much time or funds. Learn the easy smart way with Crypto Smart. 


We are an institution dedicated to helping you through your journey. We want you actively involved in the process of your studentpreneurship on the digital space. 


Think about it, why pay fees only when you could get paid as well? 

Yeah! Crypto pays when you’re smart about it.

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