Step by step guide on how to use the $CSA Upscale Launchpad

Upscale Launchpad is a feature through which existing businesses can move from traditional businesses activities to blockchain products and services.

The Launchpad can also be used by businesses/projects for their crowdsale/presale/ICO.

There are 2 aspects to the Upscale Launchpad; the users/buyers and the Crowd Sellers.


A user/buyer is anyone who wants to buy into a presale, ICO or crowdsale.

  1. Users can connect their wallet.
  2. If they haven’t added the private sale token then the Upscale Launchpad reminds them to.
  3. Users can swap their algos for a crowdsale token.
  4. If a project requires whitelisting then only whitelisted addresses can buy in.


Users can easily swap their Algos for a presale token and get it instantly in their wallet. It’s pretty easy for users/buyers to interact with the Upscale Launch Pad since all they’re doing is buying a token.


For example, the CSA token:

If a project requires whitelisting and you don’t do the whitelisting activity, an error message like this will pop up when you try to buy,

If you haven’t added a token to your wallet, CSA Upscale Launch pad will give a prompt message like this.


The activities for the Crowd sellers are quite different, because they are the creators etc.

Here are the steps for Crowd sellers to take to create their fund raising activity, whether it’s an IDO, public sale, private sale etc.

Step 1:

Create an account on  by clicking “register”, basically an email address and password, confirm email then click “login”.

Step 2:

The next thing you’d want to do is import your coin asset, if you already created it on Algorand using or your Algorand wallet.


Click on “Import Coin/Asset” to input your ASA ID etc, choose Algorand Blockchain and then input your ASA ID.

Please note you’d pay the normal transaction fee in Algos.

Step 3:

Next thing to do after importing your ASA is to create your IDO activity, click on  “Create New Project”, and also you can add your team members so your buyers can view them.

  • You can input project name
  • Input video of project
  • Create a whitelist activity and upload the whitelisted addresses
  • You can add team members
  • Create a bio of your project etc

Step 4:

When you Click “Create Project” after everything, you get to copy your link for buyers to access.


Other functions are primarily for tracking your crowdsale activities and admin activities.

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