SiBAN P2P Conference: promoting blockchain adoption through education

SiBAN P2P Conference, the first of its kind, will be held on the 6th of August, 2022 at Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to Senator Ihenyen, the President of SiBAN, the conference which will be a hybrid event is part of the association’s commitment to educating users and members of the public about blockchain technology, promoting its adoption by both private and public bodies, ensuring consumer protection and helping them safeguard against scams, while also working with regulators to help maximize the untapped potentials of blockchain technology.

“Blockchain is one of the biggest opportunities for Africa in the 4th Industrial Age. Nigeria is Africa’s biggest country and one of the biggest players on the globe. We understand the challenges in this ecosystem as well as opportunities for Nigerians. That is why we have lined up a rich crop of experienced and successful leaders in this space to speak on the theme, ‘CeFi, DeFi & TradFi: is there a need for Convergence in the Current Divergence” Ihenyen said.

“With this P2P Conference 2022 theme, we wish to have an open conversation about the emergence of blockchain technology, its application across the spectrum of CeFi, DeFi, and TradFi, and consider whether a convergence of these three is the better way to go for both innovators and regulators.” he added.


Theme expository

The theme of the maiden edition of the P2P conference is CeFi, DeFi and TradFi: is there a need for convergence in the current divergence?

Centralized Finance (CeFi) refers to financial applications that bridge the gap between TradFi and the modern financial applications.

TradFi literally refers to Traditional Finance which is the activities of conventional banks and other financial institutions who are regulated by the government.

DeFi means Decentralized Finance which is a product of the blockchain technology which aims at decentralization that is the absence of third parties (central authority) in financial activities.

In the current system, there exists a divergence between CeFi, DeFi and TradFi. Will there ever be a convergence of these evolutions of finance? Will blockchain technology be fully leveraged with the level of divergence?

Jude Ozinegbe, Chairman of the Organising Committee for the conference, further revealed that the P2P Conference 2022 will be targeting up to 5000 participants, bringing players, policymakers, and the public together. 

Rume Ophi (CryptoPreacher), Channels Television’s crypto market analyst and founder of CryptoPreacher Blockchain Academy (CPBA), in his opinion says that the leadership of the conference committee couldn’t have chosen a better theme in the face of the current economic realities of the country. Noting that Nigerians are at the forefront of the adoption and utilization of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa. Rume is optimistic that the quality of speakers at the conference will make invaluable contributions to the alternative finance space in Africa.


Aim of SiBAN P2P Conference

Specifically, SiBAN P2P Conference will achieve the following;

Blockchain and Crypto Education

The most widely known application of blockchain technology in our current world is finance. 

Nevertheless,  there has been a misconception about the existence and relevance of blockchain technology.

The conference will be an avenue to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency from industry experts.

Economic value of SiBAN

There exists no economy without the interaction of individuals, corporate bodies, self-regulatory bodies and government. 

The conference is another opportunity for SiBAN to deliver economic value to players min crypto space, policy makers and the general public.

Networking opportunities

Have you ever been thinking of an opportunity to meet experts and experienced personnel in blockchain technology?

Then you should not miss the conference. The conference will be a convergence of talents, industrial experts, founders, blockchain developers as well as policy makers.

According to Jude, “the conference will provide participants with networking opportunities while serving as a vehicle to drive awareness of the economic value of what we do.  Participants will also enjoy access to conference talks, workshops, and other learning opportunities and get to network with speakers, guests, and other conference participants.”

Leveraging the full potential of blockchain technology

SiBAN P2P Conference will unveil the purpose of blockchain technology in relation to our current system thereby exposing individuals, corporate bodies, government, policy makers to possible ways of leveraging blockchain technology to provide just in time solutions through innovation.


How do I register for the conference?

According to Chukwuemeka Ezike, Vice President, Media and Publicity for the association, the P2P Conference 2022 will be free and open to all to attend, however registration is compulsory and can be done here.

Are you new to blockchain technology? 

You can read about the evolution of money, the connection with blockchain technology and how it concerns Africa in this article titled Fiat vs Bitcoin. You can also read about the past, present and future of blockchain technology here.

Remember, SiBAN P2P Conference is a hybrid event. This means it will be both physical and virtual. Register now!!!


About SiBAN

Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN) is a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO), an association of blockchain & crypto industry players founded in 2018. Registered members work together to promote a free market for blockchain & crypto players by driving blockchain & crypto education, encouraging the adoption of model self-regulatory policies in accordance with global best practices, and collaborating with relevant bodies to ensure that while innovation is not stifled by regulation, consumer protection and investor safety are safeguarded.

At the Nigeria Fintech Week 2021, SiBAN was recognized as “The Best Blockchain Association in Africa”.


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