SEASON OF LOVE: Crypto Smart gives $CSA reward to its community members.

Merry Christmas and compliment of the season, Crypto Smart team seeks to use this season of love and accomplishments to say thank you to our community members. 

We cannot come this far without your support. Thousands of dreams and passion have found their way to the grave because there is no one to support it. I appreciate you for joining us to Upscale our services on the Algorand Blockchain. ~ KarlaGod, Founder, Crypto Smart. 

The year has been a fulfilling one and ever since the Upscaling on Algorand was announced, our activities have taken a new shape. 

Airdrop and contest

The early supporters of any project are due for reward and that is why we did an airdrop. 

ImageThe airdrop which was above 1,700 Algos in value was a reward for loyalty for community members. 

Not only that, the community members displayed an outstanding level of creativity through the Meme contest. 

Finding expression in a situation where the dream is yet to be formed fully requires an intention to be creative. 

Once again, the community members did not fail at showcasing their creativity in the contest. 

The airdrop and the Meme contest are just little out of what is to come. 


ImageAfter the Upscaling announcement post, Crypto Smart, Africa’s No. 1 B2B Crypto Asset Management Company secured a strategic partnership with 100pay, the leading gateway platform in Africa.

100pay is the winner of the Africa Blockchain Hackathon and they provide seamless transactions with utmost security. 

The strategic partnership is needed for a successful upscaling but it is a way of bringing the best to the community member.


In line with our Lite paper, Crypto Smart Global Smartssador programme is now fully functioning. 

imageWho are the Smartssadors?

The Smartssadors represent our global ambassadors that are passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

It is a group of Crypto enthusiasts from around the world who are motivated in bringing about a desired change in the Crypto space. 

The $CSA token

The $CSA token (Crypto Smart Algo) is the utility token of Crypto Smart.

ImageIt represents the identity needed to enjoy any of the Crypto Smart’s products. 

Immediately after the presale, the token was listed on Tinyman and liquidity was added immediately. 

$CSA token is also available on Tinychart and has done 28,400% from the listing price to it’s All Time High of $0.285. 

Our current activity

The development is still ongoing and currently the community members are providing liquidity on Tinyman.

Aside from the reward that will be earned for providing liquidity on Tinyman, Crypto Smart is giving out 20% in terms of $CSA for those that provided liquidity. 

ImageHow to get the 20% $CSA reward. 

  • Go to Tinyman
  • Provide liquidity on Tinyman for $CSA/Algo
  • Fill this form with the amount of liquidity provided and your token will be sent without delay. 

Another development that is worthwhile is that our node is now active on the Algorand Blockchain. 

Unlike every other smart contract blockchain, the Algorand Blockchain does not have a Dapps so it is necessary that we develop and run our own node. 

The node is active currently and in Q1 2022, our bitsave protocol should be live after the beta testing stage is successful. 

Our gratitude goes to the community member in this season of love for their unending love and support, the Crypto space at large for unlimited access to informations that can be used to develop and build something extraordinary like the Crypto Smart Upscaling and the Algorand Foundation for creating a Pure Proof of Stake Blockchain. The appreciation will not be complete without saying a heartfelt gratitude to the team and the smartssadors for working round the clock to ensure that everything goes as planned, Compliment of the season in the season of love. ~ KarlaGod, Founder, Crypto Smart. 



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    Definitely one to look out for.
    Expected to moon soonest.

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