More Than A Device

“I’m more than that,” he huffed, “more than just your toy that you can pick up and let down whenever you want.” 


“I’m more than just your device for God’s sake!” he continued, his voice piercing through my heart. 


A tear. More tears. Several tears rolled down my face as I clutched my mobile phone to my chest 


“I’m sorry,” I pleaded, my voice barely above a whisper, “I’m so sorry.” 


Um…what is going on here? 

Well yes, I admit.  I, obviously, have an over-imaginative, dramatic mind. However, think for a second, “If my devices could talk, what would they say to me?” 


Would they thank you for optimizing and making use of their full potential or would they scream at you for turning them into nothing more than a glorified telephone? 


Would your device say, “If you wanted a camera, you could have just bought one” ?  


So many systems at your company, only used for typing a word document or preparing a spreadsheet, feeling depressed because they weren’t doing what they were built for. They are yet to fulfill their purpose because you are yet to see it! 


Let Crypto Smart be your lens. See smart with Crypto Smart;  the endless opportunities that lie within your mobile phones and PCs. In your hand, is a money machine waiting for its metamorphosis. In your hand is a workspace, wider than any infrastructure, but are you using it? You have in your grasp a mobile company, for your utilization. Trade from your own space, make money on that deal and cash out even on your days off work. 


It’s still early to get your company in!

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