How To Set Up OKEX TESTNET And Run The NUT Money Airdrop

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d notice a trend of Testnets following airdrops distribution.

A lot of Blockchain projects are springing up, and incentivizing potential users to interact with their platform, and earn airdrops.

We have the likes of Pendle, Kine, Orion protocol and a whole lot more.

Today we’d be looking at one on the Okex Blockchain.

We’ve done a video to help you go through the process, but here’s a run down of what you’d need to do.

First you need to set up your Okex test net Network on your metamask;

1. Open Metamask
2. Setting OKEX Chain
3. Add Custom RPC
4. Fill Network Name : OKExChain
5. New RPC URL :
6. Chain ID : 65
7. Symbol : OKT
8. Block Explorer
9. Join Okexchain Discord faucet-
10. Fill your Metamask wallet Address, click Send
11. Open Link:

12. Connect Metamask : OKExChain
13. Stake 99.5 OKT
14. Submit Sign Contract.
15. Enjoy, first come first Get

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