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Everest Mobility is Africa’s First Blockchain-powered mobility-as-a-service platform, built on Algorand blockchain, that offers mobility-as-a-service for on-demand urban transportation and on-demand logistics services.

Everest Mobility LTD is the official name as incorporated, and Everest™

$EVR token

The $EVR is a utility-based token. 

This means you can use it for ride payment and for the escrow feature that supports logistics till final destination delivery.

To read more about the use-cases of the Everest utility token, download the whitepaper. 

Services offered by Everest Mobility

Everest in its vision to become the most preferred mobility-as-a-service platform offers the following services:

  • Decentralized ride-sharing

The transportation industry has witnessed a lot of evolution from trekking to horse riding to taxis and the current mobility as a service company that was ushered in by Uber in 2009.

Luckily the same year, the next evolution of transportation came into the limelight with the launching of the bitcoin blockchain. 

Everest mobility offers decentralized ride-sharing for urban transportation using the Algorand blockchain. 

  • On-demand logistics

One of the problems with logistics is the on-time tracking of shipments and packages. 

To mitigate this, Everest offers a smart contract escrow that enables safe delivery for logistics with real-time tracking on the blockchain. 

  • Geomining feature

Now, aside from the innovative integration of the blockchain technology that allows us to have a better security compliance system, decentralization, cost optimization, and system of operation, the Geomining feature also allows us to upscale the transportation industry, introducing it to the age of web 3.0

Geomining is an algorithm that rewards users for covering a distance per time.  

As long as you’re making any sort of movement with the app on. It enables mining the native token of the platform, the $EVR token

  • Fleet management 

Another mobility-as-a-service is the fleet management and administrative plug and use for other transportation companies and airlines.


  • Inbuilt crypto wallet

The soon-to-be-launched Everest app is an all-in-one app with an inbuilt crypto wallet that allows users to keep their tokens and coins. 

$EVR token held on the app can be used for paying for services or staked for more rewards. 

  • Easy swap 

Aside from an inbuilt crypto wallet, the Everest app supports an easy swap to other cryptocurrencies and cash. 

This will enable users to convert their $EVR token to fiat easily within the app. 

  • No technical expertise 

Truly, Everest mobility is built on the blockchain but it is easy to use. 

It can be used without any technical expertise with a high-level user experience. 

  • Cheap with zero commission

Both users and drivers earn on the move.

Users enjoy cheaper fares, especially paying with the $EVR token while the drivers enjoy zero commission fee. 

In a nutshell, Everest is a ride-sharing system where the driver keeps 100% but Everest receives their pay through charging fees on the payment transactions and services on the app.

  • Multiple payment gateways

Aside from the $EVR, the native token of Everest mobility, users can pay with cash, card, or other supported cryptocurrencies

  • Security compliance

Security compliance is one of the best things Blockchain technology has offered us.

In starting, there’ll be a security measure and emergency (SOS), which works directly with the state’s security.

Following that, is an option for more custom security numbers/persons to be added. 

The ride details, including details of the driver(joined with vehicle details), will be shared with these custom numbers/persons. 

And to add to it, the ride is being tracked steadily on the Blockchain. 

What Is The Source Of Revenue For The Company? 

The only seeming revenue model for those in the industry is the commission they retrieve from the drivers for using their platform to offer services.

Therefore the increments happen consistently in the percentages across the states.

How Will The Company Earn With Zero Commission?

As of today, Bolt is at 25% and 30%, in commission. 

Uber arrived in one of the cities barely a month ago with a 3% commission, but is 10% now and still counting.

But being built on the Blockchain offers more than what off-chain mobility-as-a-service platforms can enjoy.

Everest will earn from gas fees of users using its platforms. The reason for zero commission, however, is to increase drivers’ profit; considering gas for cars and maintenance. 

Some certain backend works are being carried out such as API connection, to enable the gas fee payment system.

Gas fees will be deployed for all transactions and services made/carried out via the platform, every single time.

Other revenue structures include Escrow for logistics, HR services, and maintenance services (Cars45 and our official partners) among others. 

What Is The Benefit Of Upscaling For Investors?

According to Israel Clement, co-founder at Everest Mobility, the IDO price of $EVR is $0.0378.

When investors participate in Everest’s private sale (at $0.0126), investors will be at 200% in profit during the public sale.

Another prominent benefit to investors is the well-defined roadmap with a team of dedicated personnel who have championed notable events and contributed to blockchain adoption in Africa.

Closing Remark

‘Think of Bolt, Uber, and the rest in the industry, then think of Everest as the new age, the future of transportation. Blockchain technology has made this possible.’… Israel Clement, Co-founder, Everest.

This is an excerpt of the AMA session held with Everest Mobility on the Crypto Smart Telegram Community. 

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