$CSA Tokenomics

Ticker: $CSA

Token name: Crypto Smart Algo

1. $CSA is the utility token to access Crypto Smart Asset Management services on individual and B2B levels.

2. $CSA tokens gives access to the BitSave protocol for users to perform SaveFi activities. 

3. Community token for rewarding members of the community for tasks and ambassadorial activities.

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Public Sale: 10% $0.005

Airdrops: 10%

Marketing: 10%

Team: 10%

Security: 10%

Bit Save Protocol: 15%

Liquidity Provision: 15%

Treasury: 20%


How to purchase $CSA

1. Purchase some Algos

2. Transfer to your Algorand native wallet

3.Visit app.tinyman.org and connect your wallet.

4. Input the amount of algos you want to trade for $CSA tokens. Click on “Swap”.

5. Visit your wallet and confirm the transaction.

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