How about we give you some context as to what the program is about before we plunge all in?

First, about Crypto Smart.

Crypto Smart is Africa’s No. 1 B2B asset management company with a business model to help structured companies create their mini trading departments and use Fundamental Analysis for long term profitability. 

We’re providing processes, easy-to-use tools, and practical systems for individuals and organizations to maximize crypto and blockchain technology.

As a community driven project, Crypto Smart is giving its community members an opportunity to join the development of Crypto Smart’s Upscaling on Algorand.

This is also an opportunity for our community members to contribute to the development of Crypto Smart’s products. 

Our Smartssadors will represent the project in their local community and create awareness to new markets/communities and potential users through social media and content marketing. 

The $CSA Smartssador Programme is open to everyone who is open minded, crypto enthusiasts and anyone else who wishes to be long term supporters of $CSA. 

In return for their contribution and efforts, Smartssadors will be rewarded with various exclusive benefits and privileges. 

Who can become a Smart? 

🚀Content creators

🚀Software developers

🚀Graphics and Motion designer


🚀Social media Influencers

Smartssadors’ Roles and responsibilities 

  • Attend various events organized by Crypto Smart and interact with new members. 
  • Create and share contents related to Crypto Smart updates, announcements and events on social media. 
  • Engage (like, comment and share) Crypto Smart posts on all social media. 
  • Maintain daily active conversations in Crypto Smart channels. 
  • Promoting $CSA in relevant communities. 
  • Educate the community and beyond on $CSA original contents using any medium of their choice. 
  • Beta tester of Crypto Smart products. 
  • Create informative graphics and creative GIFs/Memes/Stickers about Crypto Smart products. 
  • Organize local meetups/AMA (Online/Offline) 
  • Reach out to potential partners and try to get on board them with Crypto Smart. 
  • Sourcing for local influencers, events where the idea of Crypto Smart can be discussed and more. 
  • Develop software for any of Crypto Smart’s Upscale products. 
  • Get feedback from the community members. 

Smartssador Levels

Level one (Smarts) 

All smartssadors shall start from this level and be promoted to other levels based on performance. 

Level two (Lead Smart) 

Smarts who averaged certain points as may be determined by the primary team for a period of 3months will become Lead Smart. 

Rewards shall be 1.5x of Smart rewards per performance. 

Level three (Super Smart) 

Lead Smarts who averaged certain points as may be determined by the primary team for a period of 3months shall become Super Smart. 

Rewards shall be 2x of Smart rewards. 

Rewards for becoming a Smart

  • Monthly $CSA token based on performance. 
  • Exclusive access to team events and activities. 
  • Part of internal meetings and working with the primary team. 
  • Crypto Smart branded items. 
  • Personal development through skill acquisition. 
  • Opportunity to work with the primary team as the need may arise. 


All applications will be carefully reviewed by Crypto Smart Smartssador team while shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation message via email regarding the on boarding process. 

As part of the on boarding process, additional detailed instructions on tasks and responsibilities will be provided while work starts immediately after the on boarding process. 

If you are passionate about contributing and building while you earn and you are skilled or have passion to explore social media handling, marketing, creative designing, content creation or community building and management, you are the right fit for the job. 

Click here to apply now

Application closes on Wednesday, 22nd December, 2021.


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