Crypto Smart year planner: Breakdown of our road map

Crypto Smart wishes our community members a happy new year and compliment of the season. 

The year planner is a comprehensive breakdown of Crypto Smart’s activities and road map for 2022. 

2021 witnessed the birth of the Future of finance through Crypto Smart. 

Click here to read more about our achievements and accomplishments for the month of December. 

Nevertheless, the year 2022 has been planned to bring advancement to our anticipated blockchain solutions. 

Below is the breakdown of our road map. 

Upscale Launchpad

The upscale launchpad is an opportunity provided by Crypto Smart to already existing businesses to Upscale on the Algorand Blockchain. 

Crypto Smart upscale launchpad is more than a platform for businesses to raise funds. It is a full business development service. 

Businesses upscaling via Crypto Smart upscale launchpad will have access to experienced blockchain business developers and also they will have the opportunity to focus on their products and services rather than dealing with the blockchain technicalities. 

In order to fulfill the purpose of the upscale launchpad, Crypto Smart has successfully developed a private node on the Algorand Blockchain. 

The node is active and the upscale launchpad is in beta testing mode. Full launching of the upscale launchpad will be in Q1 2022. 

Asset Management dApp

Decentralized application also known as dApp is a digital application that exists and runs on a well encrypted blockchain or network of computers. 

Benefits of using dApp, among others, include safeguarding of user privacy, lack of censorship and flexibility of development. 

Crypto Smart as an asset management company will design and launch its asset management dApp in Q1 2022. 

The asset management dApp will give users an opportunity to maintain 100% ownership, possession and control of their assets. 

It will also provide users with accurate price feeds and real time profit analysis. 

With the asset management dApp, it will be easy for anyone, newbie or experts, to keep track of their investment. 

Bitsave protocol design, development and UI layout

imageThe layout in a user interface (UI) is the structure that supports the visual components of an interface. 

It helps the content to highlight the lost important data in the site or app. 

Design and development involves designing the specifications of a product or service through drawings, models or prototypes. 

Design has to do with the look and layout while developing has to do with the code and functioning of the site. 

The bitsave protocol is a SaveFi that merges savings with Defi. It allows users to perform SaveFi activities like savings in stable assets, $CSA token, Algos or any other assets of their choice.

The design, development and UI layout of the bitsave protocol will be done in Q1 2022 while the launching of the beta version (savings) will be in Q2 2022. 

During Q3 2022, Defi will be integrated to the bitsave protocol which involves staking, lending, borrowing and other Defi activities. 

In order to reward community members, early adopters of bitsave protocol beta version (savings) will be rewarded with airdrops. 

The airdrop will be the 2nd round but will be limited to users of bitsave protocol. 

Cross chain P2P marketplace

Another Crypto Smart’s product that should be highlighted is the cross chain p2p marketplace which will be launched in Q1 2022. 

Cross chain is the interoperability between two relatively independent blockchain. In other words, it is the capacity of two independent blockchain to communicate with one another. 

P2P refers to peer-to-peer which is a decentralized service where two individuals interact directly without a third party like an exchange. 

The cross chain p2p marketplace is an interaction between two individuals to swap different cryptocurrencies and tokens built on two independent blockchain. 

For instance, swapping a token built on Algorand directly for another token built on Binance Smart Chain in a decentralized marketplace. 

Protocol Audits

In computing, protocol are set of rules that define how data are allowed to be transferred between different computers 

In blockchain, it is a distributed database that allows digital money to be securely exchanged on the internet. It is the foundational layer of code that sets the framework for blockchain activity. 

Audit is an independent examination carried out by an appointed external individual aimed at establishing and forming an opinion about the trueness and fairness of an enterprise report. 

In blockchain, protocol audit is the systematic independent examination of the underlying layer of codes to ascertain the probability of malicious attacks which can be achieved through bugs and creating a way controlling the bugs and  preventing malicious attack hack. 

The bitsave protocol and other Crypto Smart’s products would allow users perform activities like deposit, withdraw, lock funds, transfer etc which are developed through codes that are considered as protocols. 

Before the launching of any of our products, there will be a protocol audit of our smart contacts carried out by external bodies to ensure that hackers cannot exploit any bugs in our codes. 

This will be carried out to ensure a secured and reliable smart contract interaction void of any malicious attack.

The protocol audit will be done apart from the internal protocol audit that will be carried out by Crypto Smart’s technical team.

Decentralized Commerce (Decom) 

Decentralized Commerce is a way of bringing decentralization into the world of commerce. 

It refers to a situation whereby buyers and sellers will interact with each other having locked digital products and services on a smart contract. 

The business structure design which is a borderless and decentralized interaction between sellers and buyers using a smart contract will be designed in Q2 2022. 

During Q4 2022, Crypto Smart will launch the beta version of Africa’s first DeCom platform. 

Enterprise safe design and development

The enterprise safe design and development will be done in Q2 2022. 

It is a blockchain based enterprise safe which can be likened to a corporate account where two or more approved signatories will have to approve any transaction before it is confirmed. 

The enterprise safe will be the best option for companies that want to save their operational budgets and profits in stable coins. 

Partnership during the year

During Q2 2022, a partnership request will be forwarded to Algomint for effective Defi activities on the bitsave protocol. 

Algomint is the pre-eminent digital assets minter on the Algorand protocol that provides a bridge to mint a variety of digital assets on the Algorand network. 

It is the next generation blockchain infrastructure that solves the interoperability challenge by bringing popular assets to Algorand where you can enjoy high speed and low fees in its flourishing Defi scene. 

Also, during Q2 2022, Crypto Smart will partner with centralized ecommerce platforms for an Upscale to the decentralized ecommerce platform which will be launched in Q4 2022. 

Highlight of the road map

Q1 2022

  • Upscale Launchpad
  • Asset management dApp design
  • Bitsave protocol design and development and UI layout.
  • Protocol Audit
  • Cross chain p2p marketplace launch
  • Asset management dApp launch


Q2 2022

  • Partnership requests to Algomint
  • Bitsave protocol beta version (savings) launch
  • Decentralized Commerce business structure design
  • Enterprise safe design and development
  • Partnership with centralized ecommerce platforms


Q3 2022

  • Defi integration on Bitsave protocol
  • 2nd round of airdrops to early adopters of bitsave protocol beta version


Q4 2022

  • Launching of Africa’s first Decom platform beta version.


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