Crypto Smart welcomes Infusion Lawyers

Crypto Smart welcomes Infusion Lawyers as their legal partner

Crypto Smart partners with Infusion Lawyers to provide the legal infrastructure for the company. 

Once again, after the strategic partnership with 100pay, Crypto Smart has partnered with the best tech law firm in Africa. 

Infusion Lawyers is the winner of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Law firm of the year 2021 at the African Excellence Awards by Mea Markets. 

About Infusion Lawyers

Infusion Lawyers is a virtual intellectual property and technology law firm that was founded on April 26th, 2017, and driven by a love for entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in providing legal infrastructure to tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups. 

The mission of Infusion Lawyers is to protect and support innovations by providing innovators and entrepreneurs the legal infrastructure needed to maximize value, create opportunities and open up new possibilities. 

The benefit of the strategic partnership

The benefit of the Crypto Smart partnership with Infusion Lawyers is unlimited but specifically includes the following;


Data protection and privacy 

In a data-driven global economy, businesses and startups need legal and regulatory guidance on data protection and privacy. 

Data protection and privacy is a fundamental right that is enforceable in a court of law when breached. 

Crypto Smart, in their upscaling process, will be dealing with data and as such need to have in-depth knowledge about the possibility of a breach of the data protection and policy as provided by various Acts. 


Preventing Non-compliance with the law

Prevention, they said, is better than cure.

The economic implication of non-compliance with the law should not be overlooked as it may lead to the compulsory liquidation of a company. 

To prevent any future occurrences of non-compliance with the law and enactments, this partnership is highly needed. 


Information about legal changes

The business environment comprises various sectors from which there might be a change. 

Aside from the technological, economic, social, political environment, the legal environment is another important sector in which changes can affect the smooth running of a company. 

To mitigate ignorance which is not an excuse in law, Infusion Lawyers will provide information about legal changes which may disrupt the operation of Crypto Smart if not taken care of. 


Flexibility in Decision making

Infusion Lawyers will serve as legal advisors to prevent inherent statements in legal agreements between Crypto Smart and its clients and also between Crypto Smart and any other possible partnership agreement. 

This will boost the decision-making process of the company. 


Personalized advice

One of the processes followed by Infusion Lawyers is the understanding of the company’s vision and mission. 

Understanding Crypto Smart’s vision and mission will allow Infusion Lawyers to give personalized advice to Crypto Smart about the best way and strategy to be adopted in bringing the vision into reality while taking cognizance of the legal implications. 


Crypto Smart has been partnering with leading African tech companies and is open to more partnerships that will boost its upscaling on Algorand blockchain. 

We have our team working in line with the roadmap to bring into reality our blockchain solutions and to make it easier, a partnership like this is needed. KarlaGod, Founder, Crypto Smart. 

About Crypto Smart

Crypto Smart is a B2B Crypto Asset Management company founded in January 2021 by Karla Obakpolor, a blockchain business developer and Algorand ambassador in 2020.

Crypto Smart offers fast and secure services which are based on a well-encrypted system with 24/7 customer support services. Crypto smart has grown from offering its services to individuals to companies and major enterprises as well as providing crypto education through various crypto courses. 


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