Crypto Smart partners with 100Pay as the gateway platform for their Upscale Launchpad feature.

Crypto Smart partners with 100Pay to provide seamless gateway access for Cryptosmart’s Upscale Launchpad feature. 

One of the products in Crypto Smart’s upscaling on Algorand is the Upscale Launchpad. 

Upscale Launchpad is a feature through which existing businesses can move from traditional businesses activities to blockchain products and services. 

Benefits of Upscale Launchpad

  • Creating of token for businesses 

The upscale launchpad will help already existing businesses to create their own utility token which can be used to access its traditional activities on the blockchain. 


  • Source of funds

The creation of the token will serve as a source of income for businesses that upscale using the Cryptosmart launchpad. 

Such businesses will be able to present themselves to potential investors. 


  • Globalization 

Businesses that launch on the upscale will have access to investors from all around the world. So the upscale is a means of globalization for businesses. 


  • Effectiveness and Efficiency 

Upscale launchpad will help businesses to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in delivering their products or services as a result of having access to blockchain business developers and consultants through Cryptosmart. 

Impact of Cryptosmart and 100Pay partnership

  • Leading Africa Gateway platform

100pay is the winner of the second Africa Blockchain Institute hackathon. 

Winner Africa Blockchain HackathonAfrica Blockchain Hackathon is an initiative by Africa Blockchain Institute in partnership with FreeTON Africa. 

The contest is open to all Africa Blockchain enthusiasts, newbies, developers, policymakers and students from all the 54 countries in Africa. 

…we once again look forward to identify projects culminating from this Hackathon as being not only a showcase of what Africa can offer the global blockchain space but also solutions to the continent’s challenges…” John Kanyiri, FreeTON Africa Representative. 


  • Brand Awareness

100Pay is the owner of ICOMAMA which is a brand awareness platform for startups and fund raising for projects through ICOs. 

The partnership deal with Crypto Smart includes creating awareness for upscale businesses launching on Crypto Smart. 

This will help businesses upscaling with $CSA run their funding activities. 


  • Intensified marketing and advertising

Aside from the brand awareness platform, 100Pay has a media advertising arm with vast knowledge of digital marketing. 

The media advertising arm will be used for upscaling businesses in bringing their products and services to their target audience. 


  • Generation of invoice 

Businesses using 100Pay will be able to generate invoices for their clients/customers easily through their payment page. 


  • Business Analytics 

Another beneficial advantage of the partnership deal is that businesses will have access to insightful analytics from their merchant dashboard.

All these will be beneficial to businesses upscaling on Crypto Smart using $CSA. 


About Crypto Smart 

Crypto Smart is a B2B Crypto Asset Management company founded in January 2021 by Karla Obakpolor, a blockchain business developer and Algorand ambassador in 2020.

Crypto Smart offers fast and secured services which are based on a well encrypted system with 24/7 customer support services. Crypto Smart has grown from offering its services to individuals to companies and major enterprises as well as providing crypto education through various crypto courses. 


About 100Pay

100Pay is a bridge for digital and crypto payment platform for businesses using any currency including major cryptocurrencies. 

Part of the 100pay service is seamless payment processing with fair and transparent payment processing charge on all currencies and transactions with an online wallet. 


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