All Ponzi Schemes Expire- Update the Outdated

“Sorry this link has expired” 


A mistake maybe. I clicked on the enter button again. 


“404 error” 


Permit me to, at this point, clasp my hands over my head and let out a dramatic sigh before proceeding. 


All done. 

 The memory of it all is fresh in my mind. Was I scammed? I still don’t know.


All I’m sure of is that the phrase, ‘Everything has an expiry date’ should always be taken very seriously, even more so with Ponzi Schemes.


I’ve had people come up to me in recent times and ask when certain cryptocurrencies expire. 

‘When’s the deadline for this?’ 

If indeed the currency is projected to expire, you just may not be dealing with crypto.


It would interest most people to know that despite being time-defined, our transactions do not have an expiry date and neither do the currencies. Of course, there is a date for every transaction (e.g. when you bought and sold different currencies) are documented. However, there is no projected date for expiry. 


In addition, there is no expiry- at least while the world exists. It is apparent that certain things give no warning for expiry. It’s easier to pick up a pack of biscuits with the expiry date, 03/10/21. While it is disappointing to find out that the value of that item would soon depreciate to the extent that it is unsafe for consumption after a certain date, it is nice to have your heart prepared for this day. It comes as no surprise when it starts to develop mould and probably smell weird. 


Unfortunately, it is not the same with most Ponzi schemes. It hits with a bang of confusion when your doubling agency suddenly goes MIA and you just have to swallow the harsh reality that while most things have an expiry date, some things are just not to be indulged in. 


I’ve got good news for you. With Crypto Smart, such experiences are non-existent. 

We assure our customers of transparent and feasible transactions. You get the opportunity to monitor your money and see its value in the market. With Crypto Smart, you can rest assured that your money stays smart and inclined to yield results for you.

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