What do you know about NFT’s?

The first thing that comes to your mind is probably, just art!

But NFT’s are much more than that, they are to creators, what the internet is to business, they give the opportunity to anyone to create content and have it verified, impossible to counterfeit, and also give value and receive value through it. They can be a representation of the real-life availability of a product, service, or agreement.

NFT’s can be;

  1. Certificates – this can work in the education sector
  2. Title deeds – this can work in the real estate industry
  3. Tickets – entertainment
  4. Press issues – Journalism
  5. Document – Legal industry
  6. And recently, we just discovered they can be gold-backed

There is a whole lot more to NFTs than the use cases I mentioned above, these use cases are possible because of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology has affected a myriad of industries and started a revolution in the arts industry.

The past few years have shown us the possibilities of NFT’s and their amazing use cases to artists. We’ve seen visual arts, animators, graphic designers, illustrators from Europe and America take the spotlights in creating amazing pieces and drops.

We’ve seen NFT’s applied in the world of sports with NBA Top shots, and WWE listing NFT’s of their legendary fighters.

But sadly some industries in arts and artists from some parts of the world have not witnessed this adoption.

An example is the African entertainment industry, we have amazing mainstream, music artists, dance artists, movie actors, literary giants, visual artists, photographers, and a lot of creative content creators with talents.

QLIP is the platform that seeks to provide value for African art and solve that problem.

The Qlip platform has created a New stream in fan loyalty for mainstream artists and independent artists in;

1. The movie industry
2. The music industry
3. The visual arts industry
4. The commerce industry
5. Gaming industry



Non Fungible Tokens are simply data like audio, text, pictures or videos, stored on the Blockchain that is unique and indivisible but possessing aesthetic values. Therefore any data possessing intrinsic and attributed aesthetic value can be tokenized.

Let’s see how NFTS can work with Fan Loyalty in the Music industry

Imagine fans showing their loyalty by owning cards of their favorite artists, fans of hip-hop artists like MI, Vector, Sarkodie, Falz the Bahd guy can show their loyalty by owning their cards and use them for a battle in the Qlip gaming platform.

Album packs could be dropped by artists before they get released, merchandise of artists could be created, and…… I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

How about the movie industry?

What if movie premiere tickets were first ‘NFTied’, special scenes from the movies or behind the scenes can be created as NFT on the Blockchain to create commercial value and marketing anticipation before the movies hit the Cinemas?

That’s just a few for the Entertainment industry.

A place for independent artists.

Qlip Platform is built on Binance Blockchain which means “LOW FEES FOR MINTING”.

With Qlip, anyone can create an NFT with their mobile devices, PCs and not need to pay neck-breaking fees.

Users can mint their data like voice recordings, pictures, video clips as NFT’s on the Blockchain and choose whether to list it on the Qlip marketplace or have it saved on their “Private Blockchain space” for memory purposes.

We haven’t even to start looking at the journalism use case and use case for the legal industry which will be rolled out in Q3 2021

Qlip provides value for;

1. Creators
2. Collectors
3. Mainstream Artistes
4. Decentralised Store Users


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