Crypto Smart is Africa's number one crypto assets management company.

Our products and services are offered in two main settings – manual services, also known as CS Services & blockchain automated products, also known as CS Blockchain Products.

CS Services

These are services that we provide manually or on a one-on-one basis with our clients. We provide these services to individuals, businesses, and organizations, and for organizations, we also help them set up trading departments. The same services to companies and organizations require different approaches, but the goal is the same; Asset Management for profitability.

In a nutshell, we help our clients acquire crypto assets manually from exchanges and send them to their wallets. These are done manually, same for our other services, our Crypto Education and our Consultation Service are done one-on-one.

The BitSave plan is ‘Asset Management’ on a small scale (saving between $100 to $999). Standard Asset Management, however, is from $1000 upwards.

CS Blockchain Products

Yes, we started as company rendering manual services but we weren’t going to stop there. We have progressively upscaled our services to automated blockchain products, using the algorand blockchain.

  • BitSave Protocol – BitSave
  • Asset Management – CS Asset Management dApp
  • Cross-chain P2P marketplace
  • CS Consults – Upscale LaunchPad
  • Decentralized Commerce


The Vision

Our vision is to build sustainable crypto wealth.

The Mission

Our mission is to plan and execute Crypto Asset Management strategies for profitability for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Our mission is to build sustainable blockchain and crypto-related products that provide value to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Meet the Team


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